In this episode, I chat with my good friend and marketing pro, Stacey Hall. We dive into her journey from traditional networking to rocking it on social media.

Stacey shares the struggles she faced early on, like getting thrown in “Facebook jail” multiple times, and how she pushed through with persistence and a little help.

Stacey talks about the importance of building real connections and being a “lighthouse” for your audience. She shares her tips for engaging with ideal clients, nurturing relationships, and making quick decisions in business. 

We also get into why it's crucial to align your personal values with what you're selling to keep things genuine and authentic.

Towards the end, Stacey shares her vision for the future, focusing on getting residual income and spending more time on personal growth and spiritual pursuits. Her long-term goals highlight the balance between professional success and enjoying a relaxed, fulfilling lifestyle.

Join us for this down-to-earth episode as Stacey Hall gives us practical tips to help you step up your marketing game and build lasting connections online.

Key Takeaways:

  • Moving from traditional networking to social media
  • Overcoming early social media challenges
  • The value of live events and masterminds
  • Building genuine connections
  • Aligning your values with what you sell
  • Nurturing relationships and making quick decisions
  • Balancing work and personal fulfillment

Connect with Stacey Hall:
Visit for more tips, courses, and resources.

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