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Special Offer: Only $97.00 $27.00

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How to identify exactly who your target market is, so you can quickly create an unshakable bond with your best potential customers.
The secret to find the highest profit keywords for your niche (I’ll demo this right in front of your eyes in multiple niches just to show you how easy it is!)
How to get months of content ideas ready ahead of time... so you ALWAYS know exactly what to create content around!
How to find "buyer's keywords" that people are searching for with their wallets already open and credit card in hand!
A little-known content trick that nobody is using anymore, but still works like gangbusters (This helped me skyrocket my business when I first got started!)
How to put YOUR content production into overdrive… without even doing any of the work.
Exactly what Google loves, and how to give it to them, so they send YOU consistent leads for years to come!
My favorite research tools that will give you never-ending content ideas for LIFE!
How to steal content ideas from the biggest leaders in your niche (and hijack exactly what their audience wants to know!)


Content Strategies of The Online Elite
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The best types of content to create online today if you want to generate the highest amount of residual leads for your business possible (What I’ve found after years of testing, and collecting over 150,000+ leads!)
The ONE video creation tool that's helped me get tens of thousands of leads...and they’re still pouring in! 
The #1 question ALWAYS being asked by your prospects when they’re looking at your content (This will help you keep your content 100% relevant to THEM!)
The Automatic Authority Creator content type that very few people are leveraging (apply this to quickly become a major authority in your niche!)
The #1 type of lead magnet to give away to pull in leads (they’ll love it, and love YOU for giving it to them!)
My proven 4 part content creation formula to pull prospects in, makes them stick around, and turns them into leads.
A sneaky 2-tiered content trick for getting ranked for 2 separate pieces of content...with ONE piece of content! (This immediately doubles your chances for leads!)
How to 10X your results with almost anything you promote from this day forward.
The biggest mistake marketers are making when it comes to the ‘call-to-action’ (I'll show you what the gurus are doing... but not telling you!)
A ninja tool that allows you to quickly and easily create highly engaging videos that keep viewers absolutely glued to your content! (This will make you look like a total pro...even if you're not 😉


The 10X Content Exposure Tactics For MASSIVE Traffic

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How one piece of content can serve you for YEARS AND YEARS (I'll show you exactly what I do to get leads for over 6+ years from my content!)
The first thing I do every time I finish a piece of content to get immediate eyeballs to YOUR brand new content! (And how it adds authority to your content in Google's eyes!)
A hidden-in-plain-sight trick to increase the traffic to any piece of content you create from this day forward!
How your existing audience can help you boost your rankings on YouTube and Google for all your content at neck-breaking speed!
A sneaky Facebook hack that will quickly drive a swarm of extra traffic to any piece of content!
How to quickly create killer headlines to grab your prospect's attention FAST and get them pouring through your content!
A secret high-traffic website that you can legally steal traffic from (99.9% of your competition does not know about this site!)
The #1 Fastest Way to drive traffic to your content (I'll show you how to do it right and risk free!)
How to instantly build momentum so you can start pulling in never-ending leads and sales FASTER! 
A hidden training that will show you how to create massive authority with your content fast (from one of the biggest names in the home business industry!)
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BONUS #1: Repurposing Your Content For Social Media


The key to get HUGE results in your business week after week... with less MUCH less work!
How to create multiple pieces of content, from ONE piece of content that you've already created... and absolutely explode your reach far and wide!
2 secret websites to find the hottest topics in your niche at ANY given moment (this will help you ALWAYS be on the cutting edge of what your audience wants to know!)
A step-by-step strategy to knock out a week (or more) of content in one day...that will get spread to the highest traffic sites online today!
A simple app that will make you look like a pro with your videos and keep your viewers glued to everything you're saying.
Secrets to automate your social media posts a week or more in advance (HINT: this makes everything hands free for YOU!)

BONUS #2: Content Promotion Strategies


How to quickly start leveraging your content to get more leads, sales, and sign-ups! 
The winning promotional marketing strategy of a million dollar producer that ANYBODY can hi-jack starting today... to create a major breakthrough in your business!
The 3 part B.E.S. strategy that all your content marketing should be based on from this point forward (miss just one of these, and your business is dead in the water!)
The #1 thing lacking in the home business industry when it comes to content! (Implement this and it will set you far out in front of the crowd in YOUR niche!)
9 different styles of content (and posts) to create tons of interest and engagement in ALL of your marketing!
How to post on social media and get a constant stream of eyeballs to everything you create! (You'll never run out ideas again from this ONE slide inside this presentation!)
A highly effective type of content that is perfect to re-engage a dead or lackluster list or audience!
And much, much more inside this jam-packed 90 minute training!

BONUS #3: Video Editing Strategies For Maximum Engagement


Why it's way easier than you think to make highly-engaging videos with a couple of quick and easy edits! (8 year olds are doing this and making millions on YouTube... and so can YOU!)
The 4 part video template that works every single time (Apply this every time... and you'll never lose your audience's attention with your videos!)
Watch over my shoulder as I edit a video right in front you so YOU can see exactly how to do it as well! (Nobody is going this far in detail to show you video editing!)