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This simple strategy is being used by even brand new online marketers to dominate highly-competitive affiliate contests, and earn thousands in cash and prizes (without ever having to create your own products, and requires zero tech skills!)

This is the email that popped into my inbox at 9:53AM the morning after the contest had ended... 

I gotta admit, I was so disappointed when I read it. At least at first I was...  

You see I’m a competitive guy, and even though I was relatively new to competing in big contests at that point…

And although the odds were stacked against me because I was up against such fierce competition from some of the top online marketers in the world…

Ranking 3rd place in a major affiliate contest didn’t sit well with me for a bit. 

UNTIL... two thoughts hit me that would change my mindset forever...

Thought #1: Even though I came in 3rd place, I’d just earned more money in two months than most people make all year long and got a cool bonus $3000 on top of that.

Thought #2: As a guy who didn't compete a lot in contests... I’d  just dominated many of the biggest marketers online in this affiliate contest. 

In fact, I beat one guy who was (and still is) one of my marketing idols. Actually, I beat his entire group of high-profile marketers who aptly named themselves “The Legends Table”. 

And the craziest part... I followed a super simple process that I believe anybody can duplicate... 

The same simple process I would go on to use over and over again to create hundreds of thousands per year in earnings. 

Even more gratifying... I’ve now been able  to show this same strategy to...

Coaching students who needed results fast...
Network marketers looking for a boost in income...
Struggling affiliate marketers who wanted consistent earnings they could rely on...
Newbies who weren’t ready yet to create their own products or complicated funnels…

And the reason they all love it so much... is that it allows you to get mountains of commissions sent straight to your bank account whenever you need it. 

Which will pave the way for you to provide a life of freedom for you and your family! 

The coolest part is what I’m about to show you gives you the chance to... 

Earn large surges of cash with very minimal tech skills (so simple an 8 year old could pull off in minutes)...
Generate tons of highly targeted leads that you can market to over and over again (WHILE you earn)…
Create a name for yourself alongside some of the biggest marketers in the world…
And earn more in a matter of weeks than most people earn in a year. 

ALL without ever creating a product of your own, or putting together some complicated marketing funnel!

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Hey Mark Harbert here... 

If there’s one thing that annoys me... it’s when I see good people who just want more for their family... stuck struggling, and living an unfulfilled life.

With zero freedom to do the things they dream about doing.

Even if like me, it’s as simple as being able to spend as much time with your family as you want... WITHOUT ever having to ask for permission from some boss!  

Believe me I know what it feels like to not have freedom.

Though I earn a hefty multiple $6-figure income per year online now, it wasn’t always that way. 

Not by a long shot! 

In fact, as I mentioned above, there was a time when my PayPal account had a total of $7 in it... and I had ZERO in savings. 

And it didn’t take long for things to go from bad to worse. 

As I was sat up working away on my old beat up HP computer, I was trying to figure out this online marketing game…

I walked into the kitchen and my wife was there, she opened the fridge, and spoke the words that still haunt me (and drive me) to this day...

“Honey, we need food.” 

The worst part was that she didn’t mean just for her and I. She meant we needed food to feed our little daughter who was only 4 at the time... 

As she stood there worried and stressed about what we were going to do... those words cut through me like no other words ever have in my entire life. 

Because I knew that my PayPal account was $7 dollars away from being bone dry. My family was literally on the verge of starving, and I had no plan or strategy to fix the problem. 

That day my life and my business changed forever. 

I knew that I could never let this happen again. Couldn’t let my family down anymore. 

But how? 

I’d already followed advice from network marketing uplines, and bombed hugely. 

Several times in fact.  

I’d read so many marketing books, combed through so many blogs, spent money on so many courses, searched through so many marketing forums, and watched so many videos…

I was completely overwhelmed. I didn’t have a clue where to even begin... even after being in the business for years.

At that point, I didn’t know who the heck to believe or follow. 

Yet this time, whatever plan I followed... it HAD to work. 

And it had to work fast! 

I’d love to tell you that I had a breakthrough and a week later the fridge was full of food and the bank account was bursting at the seams. 

But that’s not how it happened. 

HOWEVER... the commitment to never let that happen again was real, and after finally sticking to ONE plan, and following it through until I actually started earning commissions online…

And then stacking it with other strategies, I came up with a simple process that worked like crazy.

One that I could use over and over again whenever I need a surge of cash. 

Here’s the big problem you’re likely facing now…

By this point most people know what affiliate marketing is...

It’s when you sell someone else’s product, and the product owner pays you a percentage of the sell (a.k.a commission)  

This is great for new marketers who don’t want to create their own products, or don’t have the marketing skills to write high-converting sales pages, emails, upsells, etc.

Or marketers who don’t have the tech skills to build complicated funnels with a capture page, sales page, “buy buttons”, “thank you pages”.

Or for people who just don’t want to spend all the time and effort it takes to create those things! 

But even though affiliate programs give you all of these advantages, and is the easiest way for you to earn money online…

Most people don’t have a clue how to get eyeballs to their affiliate offers.

And without eyeballs you’re dead in the water! 

It gets even worse when you realize that learning how to get consistent online traffic can take months (or longer) of trial and error... IF you’re doing it on your own. 

Which is why 95% of people fail to earn any money with affiliate marketing. 

For affiliate marketing to actually work, you must know how to quickly create an audience of targeted prospects for your affiliate offers…

And get them fired up and anxious to pull out their credit card, ready to purchase what they’re about to see.

You must understand how to quickly get high quality prospects hungry for the solution that your product provides, seeing the offer, and trusting YOU enough to buy it

Again, figuring all of this out through trial and error can be a disaster to your income and worse...your self-confidence.

But what if you had a simple 6 step solution to…

Easily target the hot buyers for ANY products you want to offer (in any niche)...
Get them coming to YOU from the biggest websites in the world…
Make them get to know, like, and trust YOU as THE reliable source for the solution they’re looking for…
And get them foaming at the mouth ready to buy RIGHT AWAY?

Do you think that would help you start banking commissions, and be able to swoop into ANY affiliate contest happening in YOUR niche... and completely dominate the competition? 

Plus have the ability to stuff large direct deposits from affiliate managers into your bank account in a matter of months (or even weeks?) 


This is the Exact same Step-by-Step Process that helped me earn over $55,000 in one Affiliate contest…

And to make it simple for anyone at any skill level... I’ve laid this process out over three detailed modules so that anybody (even brand new marketers) can begin putting this into use right away. 

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But wait...before I tell you what’s inside each detailed video module, let me answer the question that's probably on your mind right now. 

“Can I really earn $55K in 2 months following the Affiliate Contest Domination strategy.” 

The true answer is... I have no clue. 

But let’s be ultra conservative and say probably not! Especially if you’re just beginning.

However, what if you just earned an extra $1000 bucks in your first month? Would that help you pay a car payment, or some extra bills? 

And what if the next month you turned around and doubled that, earning an extra $2000 in a month? How would that change your life? 

Here’s the greatest part of this strategy…

Every single time you use it, you’re going to grow your audience and your list of personal leads. Which means the next time you find a product to promote, or enter an affiliate contest…

You’re already light years ahead of where you are now. 

For instance, after using this strategy month after month, I now have generated over 50,000+ leads that I can market to over and over again. 

Which means I’m able to beat the pants off my fellow competitors in an affiliate contest by simply sending out an email. 

Are you starting to see the power behind what you’re about to discover in this strategy I’ve developed through tons of testing and tweaking? 

I’ve done all the hard work for you! You now just have to follow the plan I’ve already laid out! 

This sets you up to grow your income month by month. Can you do that with a job? You can try, but I’d love to see that conversation with your boss when you go in and ask for a raise every month. 

Even better yet…

If you’re a network marketer, or you’re already selling your own products... what you learn in this system will help you not only sell more products or get more sign-ups…

It becomes a nice solid side revenue . 

PLUS it allows you to earn from the people who say no to your products or your opportunity!

Here’s what you’ll discover inside the 3 Module ‘Affiliate Contest Domination’ course…

The best way ever to make money online -- where all the hard work is already DONE FOR YOU! (This is perfect for beginners... OR experienced marketers who just want a rush of new cashflow)  
The simple steps to consistently add an extra $1000 (or MUCH more) per month to your income so you can experience more freedom... and even go full-time in your business. 
My time-tested secrets to compete against world-class marketers in affiliate contests... and dominate in a huge way (This will allow you to gain massive recognition and respect in your niche!)
Why you’ll want to immediately add affiliate marketing to your marketing game plan... even if you have your own products or services! 
A sneaky way to get every single marketing tool you use for free (Get others to pay for your tools, memberships, and coaching FOR YOU!)
How you may ALREADY be doing affiliate marketing but don't even realize it (most people are shocked about this when they see it...and then the lightbulbs go off!)
“Everybody is going to want my network marketing products.” WRONG! Most people will actually say no... but I'll show you how to make money from the people who say no anyway!
A weird way to get your prospects excited and fired up about your affiliate offers before they ever see it (this will skyrocket your commissions and put you WAY ahead of your competition in any affiliate contest!) 
How one blog post, that took me an hour to create, netted me $897 dollars during an affiliate contest (and how to write your posts so YOU can do the same!) 
The marketing resource you'll want to quickly create if you want to cash in from affiliate marketing for the long-term (and why you're flushing potential commissions down the toilet without it!)
The simple 2 step email marketing process that will turn you into a dangerous affiliate marketer even against seasoned pros inside ANY niche! 
The commission killing mistake that 97% of your competition makes when promoting affiliate products (avoiding this at all costs is the secret to becoming a top affiliate!)
Are you guilty of one of the 4 top marketing sins most people commit with affiliate marketing (Even one of these will push sales away from me!)
The 'ILT Method' that I stole from one of the top marketers in the online marketing world (and WHY it's created hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales for me!)
A natural law of human behavior that you should be taking massive advantage of! This makes people feel guilty if they don't buy your products!
The most powerful type of social media post that gets you massive engagement, leads, and sales... and it will only take you mere minutes to create!
A time-tested trick to boost affiliate sales for ANY product you're promoting (It never gets saturated and your prospects absolutely LOVE it every time!)
A simple one-page website template YOU can steal right from under my nose, that helped me create over 300 sales on just one product!
Why you can NEVER rely on the sales page to do the work for you when promoting an affiliate product (and what you should rely on instead!)
One of the simplest, yet most-effective ways to earn huge commission checks  from affiliate products (teenagers are earning millions doing this on YouTube every single year!)
The #1 secret to start earning huge commissions from Day ONE of a product launch you're promoting in an affiliate contest (this will have you doing laps around competition right out of the gate!)

As you can see... I’ve jammed everything I know about how to create affiliate income, and regularly obliterate your competition in affiliate contests into this product.

Of course, you could go and try to learn all this on your own…

But it would take you years... and you’d have to buy at least 5 separate courses to learn what’s inside this ONE course. 

Not to mention...most of the people who churn out courses... aren’t actually revealing anything they’ve personally used.

They’re simply regurgitating a bunch of stuff they’ve picked up from others, and packaging it up to make a quick buck.

Which is why most people have an astronomical refund rate.  

What you’re about to find out inside ‘Affiliate Contest Domination’ is the exact step-by step process I use daily to do one thing and one thing only. 

Bank large sums of