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fact almost EVERYTIME!

99% of network marketers will get stuck dead in their tracks when faced with objections.

Like a deer in the

headlights they freeze.

Don't know what to say next, they lose control of the conversation, and then lose the sale.

It's VITAL that you know how to promptly & effectively deal with objections, and steer the conversation back into a positive direction, and gain even further trust.

Only the ones who can do this will ever survive the prospecting game.

That's precisely what this course shows you how to do.

This is from years of experience, dealing with 1000's of people, selling in many different platforms, and recruiting over 1200 people

into my own businesses!

After doing 1000's of prospecting presentations, and having conversations with people from all walks of life, I've been able to narrow down the 15 most common objections that I get time after time.

And I'll give you the most effective ways to obliterate these objections FAST, and show your prospects why they CAN sign up with you RIGHT NOW (And they happily will!)

I'll Say It Again...you WILL get objections from prospects.

You could learn how to deal with them through brutal and frustrating trial and error like I've had to...


...you can learn the easy way from all of MY trial & error... and years of experience... to get what will ultimately be a cheat-sheet so you can start crushing it with your recruiting right away and transform your business in the next 30 Days!

Here's what's vitally important...

This Is Absolutely NOT About Tricking Prospects Into Joining You!...

This Is Absolutely NOT About Tricking Prospects Into Joining You!...

That will NEVER work. When you do lie to prospects or trick them into joining your business

...they will quickly resent it and leave you...


they won't do any work for themselves, which defeats the purpose to recruit them in the first place!


The Fool-Proof
Objection Obliteration
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Psychological Tactics To Turn Skeptics Around and Into Full on Believers In Your Business...

What To Say To Prospects That Want To Talk To Their Spouse First...

(My Answer Will Shock You)

Exactly how to overcome the "No Time" objection and make the prospect see they have more time than they think...

Much much more...

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I've added this bonus because it's critical to your success. Nothing happens in this industry unless you have the confidence and belief in yourself to make it happen.

99% of failure in this industry is because of this one missing element alone...and now you'll have the keys to make it happen for yourself.

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Ray Higdon

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“Mark Harbert is an excellent marketer. But beyond that he is one of the most genuine leaders I know in our industry who truly cares about the success of his students. He has an incredible passion that drives him to relentlessly deliver the best of himself in order to lift up and empower those around him.”

Norbert Orlewicz

Industry Trainer & Top Earner

Mark Harbert is THE #1 guy you want to hire if you’re serious about leveraging video to build your business. I’ve personally watched him help over 1,000 students drive traffic, get leads, and get paid by following his video marketing game plan. The dude flat out is a

vid marketing genius.”

Brian Fanale

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breakthrough all the barriers that will stand in their way of success... and let them see that NO isn't always the last answer! (Unless you have a daughter and she wants to go on a date


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